Employment Verification & References

Employment Verification

Off-Campus employers may seek to verify an applicant's employment history. Requests for salary information or employment verification (e.g. hire dates, end dates, or rates of pay) should be referred to THE WORK NUMBER® and given Dartmouth's employer code of 13187. This is a service of TALX Corporation that provides employees and ex-employees with an automated process to handle employment verifications.

While Dartmouth College does what it can to provide accurate employment history information for current and former student employees, our student employment records have limitations and most often do not accurately reflect the student's actual work history. We do not maintain records regarding dates of employment, pay rates or position titles.

THE WORK NUMBER® does not release wage information without permission from the employee, nor do they supply qualitative information regarding performance, medical history, or reason for termination. If a current or former employee wishes for wage information to be released, they must follow the steps outlined on the Payroll website.

Letters of Reference

Student employees are encouraged to contact the Center for Professional Development for guidance on requesting letters of reference from current and former supervisors.

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