7% Special Benefit

About the Benefit

Faculty members age 40 or older, and certain salaried (exempt) employees who are age 40 or older receive an additional 7% of their base salary from Dartmouth.  

This may be taken as taxable income, or, as is strongly encouraged by Dartmouth, it may be contributed to the employee's Supplemental Retirement Account (SRA).


Employees who qualify to receive the 7% benefit must be benefits-eligible (not temporary; greater than 9-month appointment; greater than half-time) and include:

  • Faculty members age 40 or older; and
  • Staff who were in salaried positions as of June 30, 2010 and have remained in a salaried positions and were age 40 or older on December 31, 2015. (DOB prior to 1976)

Temporary employees, and regular employees working less than half-time or less than nine (9) months duration each year, are not benefits eligible but are eligible for workers' compensation. They can also elect to participate in a Supplemental Retirement Account. In addition, regular employees who are not benefits eligible are covered under travel accident insurance.

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