Human Resources Diversity and Inclusion Plan

About the Plan

Launched in May 2016, The Dartmouth Action Plan for Inclusive Excellence highlights the need to create a community at Dartmouth in which difference is valued, where each individual’s identity and contributions are treated with respect, and where differences lead to a strengthened identity for all.

The Office of Human Resources is committed to our role to build a more inclusive and diverse Dartmouth. We have developed a set of actions to strengthen three focus areas:

  1. Increasing Faculty and Staff Diversity (Talent Acquisition)
  2. Staff Recruitment and Retention (Retention)
  3. Training, Skills, and Awareness (Professional Development)

The purpose of this plan is to promote accountability and transparency by clarifying the intentions and expected results of Human Resources staff efforts.  As a department within the Finance & Administration organization, we intend this plan to complement divisional goals. It is not our intention to override any
divisional expectations or objectives.

Read the full below or in PDF form Diversity and Inclusion Plan.

Talent Acquisition

Dartmouth’s Toward Equity requires the deployment of a variety of strategies tailored to the different hiring practices of various positions. The staff hiring practices, facilitated by Human Resources, reflect an active effort to attract, interview, and hire individuals from broad backgrounds.

Networking and advertising are used to inform potential candidates of positions available at Dartmouth College. We strive to ensure final candidate pools have a range of diversity, including underrepresented classes, various industries and experience.

HR Action Items: Staff Recruitment

  • Attend or sponsor staff to attend conferences with a focus on fostering diversity in the workplace, such as: the National Conference on Race & Ethnicity in Higher Education (NCORE), Association of Latino Professionals for America (ALPFA) convention, etc.
  • Represent Dartmouth at recruiting events with a focus on minority candidates, such as: National Black MBA Association (NBMBAA) conference, RecruitMilitary hiring events, abilityJOBS Career Fairs, etc.
  • Partner with the Office of Institutional Diversity & Equity (IDE) to:
    • Incorporate diversity recruiting skills and awareness into Hiring Manager training
    • Provide interview questions that are helpful in determining a candidate’s commitment to diversity
    • Coach hiring managers on best practices for reducing bias in the hiring process
  • Promote the use of the Skill Survey reference checking process for all staff hires
  • Ensure OFCCP compliant job postings, raising visibility of Dartmouth employment with underrepresented minorities, veterans, and individuals with disabilities
  • Continuously develop the networking, sourcing, and recruiting skills of the Talent Acquisition team


HR builds a more inclusive community by embracing different views and contributions to our collective work in all our programs and services.

HR Action Items: Staff Retention

  • Implement programs to capture information from employees through stay and exit interviews
  • Raise campus awareness to the trends identified in the exit survey data
  • Regularly review HR policies with an eye toward inclusive language
  • Provide guidance and support to campus leaders regarding alternate work arrangements
  • Review and promote diversity and inclusion competencies in employee performance reviews
  • Explore options regarding gender identity in our program registration processes
  • Coach and support managers and employees through times of interpersonal conflict, raising awareness of unconscious bias
  • Host campus events such as Veterans breakfast, Martin Luther King Jr breakfast, ArtWorks, Service Awards, After Hours, and Administrative Professionals breakfast, bringing the diverse workforce together and promoting a sense of belonging
  • Explore alternate views in our projects and initiatives
  • Dartmouth College Child Care Center embraces diversity in daily living activities and accommodations for families’ wishes and customs, as well as observation of cultural events with family participation
  • In partnership with IDE, HR manages workforce data and provides leadership with employee diversity metrics

Professional Development

Dartmouth’s Action Plan for Inclusive Excellence asserts that we must work to create a community in which every individual, regardless of gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, socio-economic status, disability, nationality, political or religious views, or position within the institution, is

As a provider of training and professional development to the staff at Dartmouth College, HR recognizes the important role that training has in supporting an inclusive environment. We are committed to strengthening our curriculum and training portfolio to include diverse offerings, inclusive language and the opportunities for staff to gain skills necessary to work with individuals with diverse backgrounds and create an inclusive culture.

HR Action Items: Staff Development

  • Offer a portfolio of professional development opportunities that address the needs of a diverse workforce
  • Offer leadership development programs that include skill building on inclusivity in decision-making and cross-cultural competencies
  • As new professional development programs are introduced, ensure the materials use inclusive language and present diversity in the curriculum
  • Integrate implicit bias training into the ongoing DartSmart manager training curriculum
  • Provide advice and resources on diversity hiring to hiring managers and search committees
  • When training or assessment indicates difficult life issues related to diversity and or interpersonal relationships in the workplace, a referral to FEAP will be offered
  • Articles and resources are circulated regularly to HR staff on diversity ideas and programs in the human resources field. HR team members are expected to read, learn, and participate in on and off campus programs that support the advancement of diversity


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