Our Office

The Student Employment Office was first established in 1994 to give Dartmouth students the opportunity to satisfy the work-study component of their financial aid package. It has since expanded to give all Dartmouth students the opportunity to gain valuable work experience while attending classes. Students are given the opportunity to contribute to their education funds, while learning skills that will benefit them in the classroom and beyond. Employers benefit from students' talents, insight and enthusiasm. The Student Employment Office (SEO) is committed to promoting employment opportunities for students on and off-campus. It is the duty of SEO to see that a variety of options are available to students. Currently, students are employed in areas such as athletics, science, community service, research positions and the arts to name a few.

Our Mission

The Student Employment Office provides employment resources to all students who wish to work to meet educational expenses or to gain work experience as part of their education.

The objectives of the Student Employment Office are: to provide standardized practices and procedures for Student Employment; to provide a centralized information system for student employment opportunities; to enhance the awareness of student employment; to provide learning opportunities; and to increase the number, variety, and quality of on- and off-campus employment opportunities.

Our Vision

The Student Employment Office seeks to provide Dartmouth College students with successful employment opportunities today to assist them to be the capable, ethical and effective leaders of tomorrow.

The Student Employment Office ~ Dartmouth College ~ 7 Lebanon Street ~ Suite 203 ~ Hanover, NH 03755
PHONE: (603) 646-3641