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On-Campus Employment and Approved Off-Campus Federal Work-Study Jobs


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(Student jobs paid by Dartmouth College Payroll)


Jobnet is SEO's online listing of on-campus and approved off-campus federal work-study student employment opportunities. Every position listed on Jobnet is paid by Dartmouth College. Only "active" jobs (those needing to be filled) can be viewed on Jobnet. To get the broadest possible search results, select only the Term for which you want to search, then click the "Search Jobnet" button.

Most positions are open to all students, regardless of work-study eligibility. If you do not have a Federal Work-Study award from Financial Aid, be sure to uncheck the "Work-Study only" box.

Each position announcement includes the job description and requirements, when and how to apply, and the name of the contact person.


Talk to friends, professors and staff across campus about possible job opportunities. Not all positions are posted online. If you see another student performing a job that interests you, ask them about it. It is acceptable to ask for the supervisor to express your interest and inquire if they may be hiring!

Helpful Tips...

  • Read the Student Employment Handbook (pdf)
  • Tailor your resume and cover letter for each position you're applying
  • Include a copy of your class schedule or provide details of when you are available to work
  • Practice basic interview questions (pdf) with friends or family
  • Dress professionally for the interview
  • Prepare a few questions to ask about the job, the department, or duties required of you
  • When applying for a position, be sure to indicate the Jobnet number or position title for which you are applying in your initial contact