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Information for Employers

Dartmouth College Employers:

Quick Hire Guide

If you are a campus (or contracted local non-profit) employer, you are considered a Dartmouth College employer. Start with our Quick Guide to Hiring Student Employees (pdf). All the supporting information for this "Quick Start" can be found in our Student Employment Handbook (pdf) and Resources and Forms.

Dartmouth Employers are strongly encouraged to participate in our Student Employer DartSmart training program, which is focused on the skills required to effectively hire and manage student employees at Dartmouth College. The online and in-person sessions introduce policies, laws, operating procedures, and responsibilities of our student supervisors.

If you wish to hire someone who is NOT an enrolled Dartmouth student, please reach out to the Office of Human Resources for additional information. The hiring process outlined in this website applies only to students that are enrolled at Dartmouth College.

Non Dartmouth College Employers:

Hiring Current Students:


If you are not a Dartmouth College (or contracted local non-profit) employer, please review this link to learn how to use our TempJobs Listing services to advertise for local, non-college affiliated paid opportunities for current Dartmouth students.

Interested in hiring a Dartmouth grad?

Dartmouth's Center for Professional Development manages all post-graduate opportunities for Dartmouth grad and employers. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact them directly at 603-646-2215 or Center.for.Professional.Development@dartmouth.edu