2022 Vision Coverage

Contact Information

VSP (your vision provider through Cigna Health)
Phone:  877-478-7557
Employee Portal: https://cigna.vsp.com/eye-doctor.html

Create an Account

1.  Go to https://cigna.vsp.com/eye-doctor.html
2.  Click the orange REGISTER NOW button
3. Click whether you will use your SSN or Customer ID number as your identification then enter the information.
4. Enter your name
5. Enter your Date of Birth
6. Click Continue

Eligibility and Enrollment

All benefit eligible employees may enroll themselves and their eligible family members in one of Dartmouth's three medical plans available through Cigna.  Vision coverage comes with your Cigna health plan, and is provided by VSP.  You do not need to enroll in a vision plan, as coverage is determined by the medical plan that you choose. 

New Hires may enroll in medical insurance (with vision coverage) within their first 30 days of employment, otherwise existing employees may enroll during the annual open enrollment period held each fall for a January 1st start date.  Some qualified life events causing a drop in external medical insurance will allow for enrollment in a medical plan for yourself and/or your dependents.

ID Cards

Please allow 7 to 14 day from new hire enrollment for new ID cards to arrive in the mail. You will receive an ID card for each covered member of your family. If you lose your ID card, please contact VSP at the number above.

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Plan Overview

For a larger view of this chart, please refer to page 22 of your 2022 Open Enrollment guide.

vision chart of benefits**Materials allowance is an annual allotment , toward the cost of frames, lenses or contact lenses. 

Your Frequency Period begins on January 1 (calendar-year basis), meaning that you do not have wait a full 365 days between annual exams.

Medical Eye Exams and Services

All services relating to medical eye illnesses and injurys will be billed as medical services under your Cigna medical plan and may be subject to copays, deductibles and coinsurance.

Cost of Coverage

The vision coverage is included in the cost of your Cigna medical plan.  Vision coverage cannot be purchased as a separate benefit if you choose not to enroll in a Dartmouth medical plan.

Additional Discounts

In addition, you can also take advantage of vision discounts through Cigna Healthy Rewards.®*

Healthy Rewards is a discount program. Some Healthy Rewards programs are not available in all states and programs may be discontinued at any time. If your Cigna plan includes coverage for any of these services, this program is in addition to, not instead of, your plan benefits. Healthy Rewards programs are separate from your plan benefits. A discount program is NOT insurance, and you must pay the entire discounted charge.

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Find a Vision Provider

Using in-network providers will save you money.  To find a vision provider who is in the Cigna/VSP network for routine eyecare, please use the link below.  You can either create an account, or click the "Search as guest" option.

Note:  Do not use the Cigna Medical find a provider tool when searching for in-network routine eye care providers.  Not all Cigna Medical vision providers are in-network for routine eyecare coverage, including the vision center at DHMC.

Find a Vision Provider

Filing a Claim

In-network providers will file your claims directly with Cigna VSP.  But when you use out of network providers, you may be required to submit your claims directly for reimbursement.  Use the form below to file claims or to submit for your annual material allowance when your provider doesn't include it.

Vision Claim Form

Leaving Dartmouth

Your vision benefits end when your medical benefits end.  If you continue your Cigna medical coverage under your COBRA rights, then your vision coverage will also continue.  If you do not continue your Cigna medical coverage under COBRA, then your vision coverage will end on the last day of the month in which you are benefits eligible with Dartmouth College.  For more information about COBRA and continuation of coverage, please visiti our Leaving Dartmouth website.

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