Volunteer Time Off

The Dartmouth College Volunteer Time Off Policy allows all regular benefit-eligible employees up to one day of paid time off from regularly scheduled work hours each fiscal year (July 1 - June 30) to perform volunteer services through organizations affiliated with the United Way. 

Please note: Due to the recent flooding in our local community in July 2023, Dartmouth is allowing employees to use the Volunteer Time Off benefit for the recent storm events to assist with recovery efforts, even if it’s not through organizations affiliated with the United Way. For the Volunteer Time Off Form, employees should write in where they volunteered/what they did in the United Way Organization line.  

Requesting Volunteer Time Off

Employees requesting Volunteer Time Off must complete the Volunteer Time Off Form and submit the form to their supervisor for approval with reasonable advance notice of the proposed time off. The decision to approve a request is within the discretion of the supervisor, based upon the business and operational needs of the department. More details are provided in the Volunteer Time Off Policy and a list of the most frequently asked questions are at the bottom of this page.

All regular, benefit-eligible employees are eligible for volunteer time off.  The volunteer time off may be used only in one-half or full day increments during regular scheduled work hours. Employees may use vacation time for additional volunteer time, or may volunteer during non-scheduled work hours.

Finding a Volunteer Opportunity

Use your Volunteer Time Off benefit and sign up for a volunteer opportunity today!

Learn more about which organizations are eligible under our Volunteer Time Off policy (scroll down to the list of Qualified Partners).

To find additional local volunteer opportunities, visit the Granite United Way website.  

Taking Care of Ourselves & Our Community

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we encourage all members of the Dartmouth community to seek help when you need it and to offer it where you are able. Below are links to resources that can connect you. 

In helping others, we increase our own energy and resilience. By taking care of ourselves, we ensure we have the capacity to continue helping others. Please help where you can and seek support if you need it.

Wellness at Dartmouth provides a variety of resources, programs, tools and tips to support your overall well-being


Faculty/Employee Assistance Program is a free confidential resource to access virtual/telephonic counseling, as well as legal support, financial information and other work-life solutions. Available 24/7 - 844.216.8308. 

Vermont and NH 211 are sources of support for a broad range of social service needs for any resident of either state.

Upper Valley Strong is a consortium of non-profits, towns and faith-based organizations collaborating to connect resources with needs in this difficult time.

Granite United Way supports many of the organizations above, and is another place to donate your time, skills or financial support.





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