Mentoring Resources

The ABC's of Mentoring

Helpful tips to help assist Mentors on helping Mentees succeed in the Dartmouth Mentor Exchange Program

Building the Mentoring Relationship

Helpful tips to help build effective Mentoring relationships

Communication Competencies

Suggested Communication Competencies to use while participating in a Mentor/Mentee relationship

Conversation Starters

Helpful conversation prompts to help Mentors in their meetings with their Mentees

Developmental Opportunities

A list of tools that create developmental opportunities for both Mentors and Mentees

Ending the Mentoring Relationship

Suggestions related to ending a Mentor/Mentee relationship and what to do when the relationship is no longer productive for the Mentor, Mentee or both

The Mentoring Agreement

Policy and agreement information for the Dartmouth Mentor

Mentoring Ground Rules

A list of Mentoring ground rules for the Dartmouth Mentor/Mentee

The Role of the Program Coordinator

A list of roles a Dartmouth Coordinator plays during a Dartmouth Mentor Exchange

Tips for Effective Feedback

Tools for giving and receiving feedback in a Mentor/Mentee relationship