Dartmouth Mentor Exchange

Dartmouth Mentor Exchange LogoSuccess in Dartmouth's workplace is directly related to the ability to learn, grow, change and adapt as quickly as our changing workplace requires. The Dartmouth Mentor Exchange has been developed to provide opportunities for employees to further develop their personal and professional competencies through formal mentoring relationships. Rooted in the philosophy that actively seeking and embracing feedback as well as using past individual experience or the experiences of others, this program is a key professional development initiative.

  • Mentoring is a form of development where the mentor shares knowledge, insight and experience with their mentee to assist the mentee in reaching their potential. In the context of this program mentors are not meant to be job coaches - although they may provide information on career paths and professional development and networking opportunities. Further, mentors are not supervisors who are focused on the productivity of an individual in the context of a specific job.
  • Mentees should proactively approach the mentoring relationship with specific development goals in mind and be receptive to feedback, coaching, learning and growth.

Possible mentoring scenarios are available via the following link.

Goals for Dartmouth Mentor Exchange include:

  • Create a network of mentors and mentees
  • Grow organizational talent
  • Improve skill set, confidence and flexibility of mentors and participants
  • Reduce job stress
  • Increase career exploration
  • Impact leadership development
  • Help with New Hire on-boarding/assimilation
  • Increased retention

Participating in the Program

Step 1: Complete matching questionnaire available via the following link.

Step 2: Attend training session and meet with mentor.

Potential Benefits from the Dartmouth Mentor Exchange Program

Where to go for more Information

Program Resources

Information and Resources available for the Mentor Exchange Program

Mentor Resources

Additional Information and Resources available for the Dartmouth Mentor

Mentee Resources

Additional Information and Resources available for the Dartmouth Mentee