2023 Dental Insurance

All benefits-eligible employees can enroll in one of two dental plans, offered through Northeast Delta Dental.

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Create an Account

1.  Go to www.nedelta.com and click on PATIENTS
2. Click LOG IN or REGISTER HERE to get started
3. Complete the REGISTRATION process
4. You will need your Subscriber ID number (found on yourID card or by calling Customer Service at the number above.)

Find a dentist, print ID cards, view claims, and more by creating an account with Northeast Delta Dental.  For more information click here.

Eligibility and Enrollment

All benefit eligible employees may enroll themselves and their eligible family members in one of the two dental plan options described below.  Employees pay the full cost of the Dental plan. 

New Hires may enroll within their first 30 days of employment, otherwise existing employees may enroll during the annual open enrollment period held each fall for a January 1st start date.  Some qualified life events causing a drop in external dental coverage will allow for enrollment in a dental plan for yourself and/or your dependents.

ID Cards

Please allow 7 to 14 days from new hire enrollment for new ID cards to arrive in the mail. You will receive two identical ID cards, to cover any and all members of your family.  During open enrollment, you will not recieve new ID cards unless you are new to a plan. Cards will arrive prior to the new year. If you lose your ID card, please contact Delta Dental at the number above, or you may access and print a copy through your online account.

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Plan Overviews

The Low Plan

The Low Plan is a lower-cost option that provides coverage for preventative and basic restorative care. This plan does not cover orthodontia or major restorative services like crowns, bridges and implants.
Summary of Benefits

The High Plan

The High Plan is a higher-cost option that provides coverage for basic and major restorative care as well as orthodontia. And new for 2022 - mouthguards for temporomandibular joint disfunction (TMJ) will be covered.
Summary of Benefits

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The cost share shown below is based on using in-network providers.  Members may use out-of-network providers, but your costs will typically be higher.

For a larger view of this chart please refer to page 25 of the 2023 Open Enrollment Guide.

A chart depicting the differences between the two dental plans

The HOW Program

Northeast Delta Dental offers extra benefits at no extra charge for those who need them through the Health through Oral Wellness (HOW) program.  For more information on the program, click here.

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Additional Discounts

Northeast Delta Dental subscribers and their dependents are eligible for vision and hearing discounts through EyeMed.  For more information on these discounts, click here.


Orthodontic coverage is available for both children and adults, under the Dental HIGH plan. The $2,000 orthodontia lifetime maximum is per covered family member and is separate from the $5,000 annual plan maximum.  Patients who are already undergoing treatment, may be eligible for a portion of orthodontic coverage based on the length of active treatment remaining.  Please review and share the payment schedule below with your provider to determine the amount of reimbursement that will be available.

Orthodontia Pay Schedule

Plan Costs

Below is a chart of monthly rates.  Dartmouth does not contribute to this benefit, and the cost is the same across all employment categories.

For a larger view of this chart please refer to page 25 of the 2023 Open Enrollment Guide.

A chart depicting costs of the dental plans

Find a Dentist

Both plans offer in-network discounts through the PPO and Premier networks. To find out if your dentist is in the Delta Dental PPO or Premier network, search the directory at www.nedelta.com. Find a Dentist is located in the top right corner of every page. You may search as a guest if you are not yet enrolled. 

For additional savings, PPO network providers offer deeper discounts.

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File a Claim

In-network dental providers will file your dental claims directly with Delta Dental.  But when you see an out-of-network dental provider, you may be required to file the claim directly to Delta Dental on your own behalf.  Please use the claim form below if you need to need to file a claim for reimbursement.

Delta Dental Claim Form

Note:  Out-of-network claims may be subject to balance billing.

Leaving Dartmouth

Can I Continue Dental Under COBRA?

Yes, the same rules apply for Dental coverage under COBRA as they do for Medical.  See information on COBRA coverage and rates on our Leaving Dartmouth webpage.

Where Else Can I Buy Dental Insurance?

New Hampshire Continuation of Coverage (COC). In addition to your COBRA packet, New Hampshire residents will also receive a packet offering continuation of dental coverage (COC) through the State of New Hampshire.

  • Plans - The NH COC is a continuation of your existing Delta Dental plan.
  • Costs - The same as your Dartmouth Coverage, but the state of NH does not charge the additional 2% admin fee that you pay with COBRA.
  • Coverage Ends - NH COC continues for 18 months, same as COBRA
  • ID Card – You will continue to use the same ID number/card that you used as a Dartmouth employee, whether you continue through COBRA or NH COC.
  • No Coverage - There is no IRS penalty for canceling dental insurance.

What Happens When My Dental Coverage Runs Out Under COBRA or Through the NH COC?

You may be able to purchase a private dental plan through North East Delta Dental or another dental carrier that covers your geographic area.

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