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Inclement Weather Policy

Dartmouth’s scheduled operations are rarely interrupted because, among other concerns, it has a predominantly residential student population and both the College Health Service and Dartmouth Medical School providers are needed for certain critical patient services. Even in inclement weather conditions, employees should assume unless they receive further notice that operation will continue on a “business as usual” basis. This policy governs declaration of a weather-related schedule change as well as employee timekeeping during episodes of inclement weather when the College continues regular operation and in the rare circumstance when it does not.

When the College Maintains Normal Operations

Employees who come in late, leave early, or are absent because of weather conditions may either make up the lost time during the same workweek or, if that is not possible, charge the time lost against available personal or vacation leave balances. Employees who are unable to come to work because of severe weather conditions should notify their supervisor as early as possible. Employees who want to leave early because of the weather must request the permission of their supervisors.

When the College Curtails Normal Operations

A decision to curtail operations may only be made by the President or the Provost; it is not to be made on an ad hoc, department-by-department basis.

Employees will be notified of curtailed operations as early as possible by means of all available media. Curtailed operations means that all non-essential functions should operate with limited staff or close entirely. Curtailed operations may involve delayed opening, early closure, or cancellation of all but essential services.

Essential functions are those needed to maintain core student services when the College is in regular session and those needed to maintain campus safety and security and vital patient services at all times. Every department should have a contingency plan, approved by the area’s dean or vice president, that identifies which services are essential and when. Students should always assume that classes will be held unless notified of a cancellation by their professors via BlitzMail.

General notice of curtailed operations will be made via:

*  Local broadcast media;

*  Campus-wide email messages; and

*  A recorded message at a College toll-free Inclement Weather Phone Line: 1-888-566-7669

Last Updated: 7/2/18