Dartmouth College Hiring Ranges


Dartmouth College sets hiring ranges based on job responsibilities, internal equity, and market data for each job. Salary expectations will be discussed as part of the recruitment process. 

Dartmouth College Hiring Ranges FAQ’s

What happened to the salary structure that listed the grades and pay ranges?

The salary structure has been removed from the website as the pay ranges associated with the formerly published grades were outdated and no longer reflective of the current labor market or the increased diversity of roles and responsibilities across the College.

How will I know what the pay range is for a job I’m interested in?

If you are a current Dartmouth employee, we encourage you to call the Office of Human Resources at 603-646-3411, or your HR Consultant, for more information. If you are not sure who your HR Consultant is, please click here for a list of HR Consultants and their assigned departments.

If you are not a current Dartmouth employee, please call the Office of Human Resources at 603-646-3411 for more information.

I’m looking for the next step in my career. How will I know if I should apply for a job?

We encourage you to apply for positions that interest you based on the position description’s key accountabilities. If you would like to speak with a member of our Recruitment team about a specific job posting, please call the Office of Human Resources at 603-646-3411, and you will be put in touch with a Recruiter.

If I’m a current Dartmouth employee, in a regular staff position, does the removal of the structure impact my current role?

No. The formerly published salary structure was intended to provide hiring ranges for new hires and job movement within the College. Reclassifications and equity reviews will continue to be evaluated using internal equity and relevant market information. If you have any further questions, please contact your HR Consultant.