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Infertility Treatment Reimbursement Benefit

Beginning January 1, 2009, all regular benefits-eligible employees may receive reimbursement for fees incurred as a result of infertility treatments or services as follows:

• Maximum reimbursement per employee per calendar year: $5,000.

o This benefit is pro-rated for employees working less than full time.

o Reimbursement requests can be made for services within the current calendar year or for the prior calendar year.

o This benefit covers costs for services for a regular benefits-eligible employee or the employee's spouse or same-sex domestic partner.

o This benefit covers costs for services relating to the diagnosis and treatment of Infertility that are not covered by an employee's health insurance plan (It is advised that the employee contact his/her health insurance provider to review coverage).

• Employee must request reimbursement using the Request for Infertility Treatment Expense Reimbursement form and provide appropriate supplementary documentation (e.g. detailed invoices and proof of payment)

• Reimbursement is made in the employee's paycheck and can be paid in either a $5,000 lump sum or in smaller amounts as the treatment and/or service expenses are incurred.

• The employee, spouse or same-sex domestic partner does not have to be enrolled in a health insurance plan through Dartmouth College in order to request reimbursement for this benefit.

 • This benefit is subject to Social Security and Medicare Tax

If you have questions:

A Health Benefits Administrator, is available to advise supervisors and employees on all aspects of the infertility treatment reimbursement process.  Please contact the Human Resources Benefits office at (603) 646-3588 and ask to speak to a Health Benefits Administrator today.

Last Updated: 5/6/13