After Hours Listserv Event Submission Form

Events must be open to all Dartmouth/DHMC employees. Each submission will be reviewed prior to our Wednesday email distribution; we will contact you directly if we have any questions.

Event Submission Guidelines

  1. Events will only be advertised if a submission form was completed and successfully submitted.
  2. Events must be within a 60 minute radius. This restriction does not apply to events sponsored by Dartmouth College/DHMC.
  3. Each event must be categorized as one of the following:
    • Family Friendly (children are welcome)
    • Adults only (Event is not appropriate for children)
  4. An email will be sent every Wednesday to the subscribers of our After Hours Listserv. Event submissions must be received by Tuesday at 12:00pm to be considered for that week's email. The event date or event registration deadline must be within 2 weeks. Only one submission form is allowed for each event.
  5. Ongoing events should provide details in the description. We will include the event for two weeks from the date you select on this form.


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