Flexible Work at Dartmouth

The purpose of this site is to serve as a resource for supervisors and employees considering flexible work arrangements (FWA). Employees and Supervisors interested in a flexible work arrangement should first review the Flexible Work policy, which can be found on the Dartmouth College online Policy Portal. This policy provides fundamental information about eligibility for flexible work and the process for initiating and evaluating staff requests.

Core Principles   Types of FWA   Benefits of FWA
FWA Requests & Expectations   Evaluating FWA Requests   Documenting FWA


Important Notes:

  • This guidance is for Staff only.  Faculty should contact their Dean for guidance.
  • This process is intended to meet most of the needs for staff roles at Dartmouth. We recognize that some areas may have additional considerations that need to be documented.  Those unique and uncommon items are not captured through this process. Supervisors should contact their HR Consultant to document these additional considerations.


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Core Principles | Types of Flexible Work Arrangements | Benefits of Flexible Work Arrangements | Flexible Work Requests and Expectations | Evaluating Flexible Work Arrangement Requests | Documenting, Reviewing, and Managing Flexible WorkFAQs (Employees & Supervisors)

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The content for the Flexible Work website was adapted with permission from Cornell University Human Resources.