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Access your Employment Information

This webpage contains links to the systems related to one's employment at Dartmouth. Descriptions for each system are below with additional resources. A valid Dartmouth employee NetID and password are required to log in to the secure websites on this page. Instructions on how to update your Hinman Mailbox are below.

Employment Notifications Login Complete Form I-9 Login Employee Beneftis Login Electronic Timecard Login
Employee Self-Service  


Employment System Descriptions:

Employee Self-Service & iExpense

  • Employee Self-Service: Faculty, Staff and students should log in to set up Direct Deposit for your paycheck and Accounts Payable reimbursements, register for paperless paystubs and W-2 forms, update your personal address information, modify your Federal W-4 tax withholding information, and view your total compensation statements for previous calendar years. This system will remain available for former employees for up to 18 months after termination of their employment.

    See the Quick Start Guide (pdf) on Finance's Employee Self-Service website for more information.
    Department to contact with questions: Email or call the Payroll Office at 603-646-2697

  • iExpense: Faculty and staff should log in to record and submit expense reports.
    Department to contact with questions: Expense.Reporting@dartmouth.edu

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Complete Form I-9

By federal law, all employers must verify the employment eligibility and identity of each person hired, including U.S. citizens. Therefore, every employee who has accepted an offer to work for Dartmouth College MUST:

  1. On or before your FIRST day of work: Complete Section 1 of the Form I-9 online.
  2. On or before your THIRD day of work: Meet in person with a Dartmouth College trained I-9 division representative (pdf) to complete Section Two within the first three days of the start of employment. The employee must provide original documentation (no photocopies or scanned documents are accepted) and all documents will be verified electronically through the USCIS E-Verify system. Please allow up to 15 minutes for this process to take place.

Note: Failure to complete the above steps within three days of starting work may result in suspension or termination of employment.

If you are a foreign national who will now or in the future require visa sponsorship for work authorization in the United States, your department or professional school will work directly with the Office of Visa and Immigration Services at Dartmouth to facilitate that process.

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Employment Notifications

Dartmouth College is required, under state law, to notify employees when certain changes in employment occur, such as changes in rate of pay. Please log in to review and acknowledge this employment information when you are prompted to do so via email.

If you have not received an email prompting you to log in to Employment Notifications, there is no notice for you in the system and you will receive an error message.

Department to contact with questions: Email or call the Office of Human Resources at 603-646-3411

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Log in to change, elect, or drop medical, dental, life and/or disability coverage for yourself and/or your dependents.

  • New Hires: All benefits begin on your date of hire, or date of benefits eligibility. To determine if you are benefits eligible, please refer to the Benefits Eligibility - Health & Welfare Policy (pdf).  Benefit-eligible employees have 30 days from their date of hire or date of benefits eligibility to log in to the FlexOnline benefits enrollment system to make their benefit elections.

    If you do not make your elections within these30 days, you will be defaulted into the Cigna Choice Fund medical plan option and other benefits as defined by your employment category. You will be responsible for any costs associated with the benefits you are defaulted into. Once the 30 days has expired, you will not have another opportunity to change your benefits coverage selection, unless you have a qualifying life event or until the open enrollment period held each fall.

  • Current Employees: Once you have made your annual enrollment elections, whether as a new hire, or during Open Enrollment, you may not make changes to most of your benefits until the following plan year due to IRS regulations. Unless you have a qualifying life event, you will not have another opportunity to change your benefits coverage selection until the Open Enrollment period held each fall.

    A qualifying life event can be a marriage, divorce, birth or adoption of a child, or any time you or a dependent loses or gains coverage. A spouse's open enrollment period is also considered a qualifying event. It is important to know that you must submit a qualifying life event through the FlexOnline system no more than 31 days after the date of the event.

Information about retirement plans available to employees is available on our Saving for Retirement webpage. Employees can make changes to their retirement plan elections or beneficiaries at any time. 

Department to contact with questions: Email or call the Human Resources Benefits Office at 603-646-3588

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Kronos Time-Keeping (e-timecards)

Kronos is the electronic timecard system used by every hourly-paid employee to record their work time. Some employees use their ID or fingerprint to swipe in and out of work, while others use log in online to use web-entry. Training materials (including short instructional videos) are available online.

Department to contact with questions: Kronos.Admin@dartmouth.edu

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Finding your NetID and password

A valid Dartmouth NetID and password are required to log in to the secure websites on this page.

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How (and where) to update your Hinman Mailbox information:

There are three different places in which an employee's Hinman Mailbox (HB) number is recorded.

Two employee HB addresses must be updated by the employees themselves, and one employee HB must be updated by the Finance Center.  The HB address most frequently used to generate labels on campus is the address that must be updated by the Finance Center.

The three HB locations and how to update them are noted below. You'll see that #3 is something that is probably best handled by one central person in situations when an entire department changes it's physical location.

Locations and steps to changing your Hinman Mailbox information:

  1. Dartmouth Name Directory (DND) Lookup: This must be updated by the employee. Please log in to dartdm.dartmouth.edu and update any personal information, including Hinman Mail Box number.
  2. Employee Self-Service: Log in to Employee Self-Service to update your Personal Information, including your Hinman Box and your Payroll Mailing Address (the mailing address to which you want your paycheck to be sent).
  3. Office Location: If an entire department has moved, the department should gather a full list of employees who have moved, including these details:
    • Employee's full name
    • New physical office location (Building Name and Room/Suite Number)
    • Hinman Box Number for mail delivery

Send the compiled list to the Finance Center. The finance center will then enter the new HBs and assignment Office Locations in the HR/Payroll System.

Note: this HB address is the one that is typically used when departments request a 'campus mailing list'.

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