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The information found on this page and its attached links is for plan year 2017.  This information is available
For information on current year benefits, please return to the MAIN BENEFITS WEBPAGE and scroll down to the list of current year benefits.



We encourage you to set up an account through Here you are able to manage and track your claims, order cards, check your paid to date global out of pocket limits, find a doctor, estimate medical costs, compare hospitals and doctors, take a health assessment, use the interactive medical library, find information on health conditions, and much more. is completely personalized, so it's easy to quickly find exactly what you're looking for. You can also download the app on your smartphone through the app store or google play.

Take a look:

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Whenever you seek services, Cigna will send you a document called an Explanation of Benefits (EOB). This is not a bill for services.

You should compare the EOB to the providers bill, once it arrives to confirm that

  • it is a legitimate claim
  • that your claim was submitted to Cigna
  • that your claim was paid correctly.

You can also use the Explanation of Benefits to:

  • Substantiate claims with Crosby Benefits for your Health Care FSA Account
  • Learn the true costs of your claims

Click here to view a flyer on how to use an explanation of benefits



Pre-certification is the process of determining in advance whether a procedure, treatment or service will be covered under your health care plan. It also helps ensure you get the right care in the right setting – potentially saving you from costly and unnecessary services. When using out-of-network providers, you may be responsible for obtaining this pre-certification.  Be sure to speak with your provider about who will be obtaining this approval.



Making the Most of your Health Plan

Cigna has a few programs and services that can help

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Smarter Searches = Better Results.
The more you know about the cost and quality of doctors and hospitals, the easier it is to make the best
choices for you and your family. After all, no one wants to pay too much for health care.

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Last Updated: 7/24/18