2019 Dartmouth College Retiree Benefits


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Eligible Retirees Under Age 65

Eligible Medicare-Enrolled Members 


Express Scripts:  Beginning January 1, 2019, Dartmouth College transitioned to Express Scripts as a new partner for prescription drug coverage. Retirees who enroll in a medical plan at Dartmouth College will be automatically enrolled in the corresponding pharmacy plan offered through Express Scripts.

› Broad retail network of more than 69,000 pharmacies nationwide, including independent pharmacies and chain pharmacies such as CVS and Walgreens.

› The same flexible prescription service for maintenance medications. 90-day supplies of maintenance medications may be filled through Express Scripts' mail service pharmacy, at a CVS Pharmacy, or at Dick Hall's House.


Considering Retirement or Turning 65

If you are an active Dartmouth College employee who is considering retiring and are eligible for Dartmouth College retiree medical benefits, please view the additional information below.  Click here for eligibility details.

Turning Age 65
Deciding Whether to Enroll in Medicare Part A and Part B When You Turn 65
Covering Dependents
Premiums and Billing Information 
Expiration of Non-Medical Benefits Upon Retiring 
Retirement Plans - What To Do? 
Retiree ID Card
Retired Employee Death Benefit (for members retired prior to 12/31/2010)
ReEmployment Rules
Address Changes   

Turning Age 65:

Active Employee turning age 65
Retiree turning age 65 

Deciding Whether to Enroll in Medicare Part A and Part B When You Turn 65

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Covering Dependents: 
If you are a Retiree who is covered under a Dartmouth medical plan, you may also elect coverage for your spouse and/or dependent children.  Your dependents include those who were eligible for coverage as of the last day of your benefit-eligible employment at Dartmouth College.

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Monthly Premiums:
Your Retiree Health premium pays for your Non-Medicare Pre-65 medical plan, or your DCMS plan and the base premium for your Medicare Part D plan. If you are a Dartmouth Retiree meeting the basic eligibility requirements for the Dartmouth College Retiree Health plan, you may receive a subsidy from Dartmouth College toward your Retiree Health premium, based on age and years of benefit-eligible service.  Your specific subsidy percentage would have been communicated to you in a letter from the Benefits Office at the time that subsidy percentage was calculated. If you need to confirm your subsidy percentage, please contact the Benefits Office.

Monthly Billing: 
Once you are enrolled in a Dartmouth retiree health plan, you will begin receiving a monthly invoice from Dartmouth College for any unsubsidized portion of your household retiree medical insurance costs. If you do not owe a premium, you will not receive an invoice.  If you have questions about your billing, please contact Accounts Receivable at Student.Financial.Services@Dartmouth.edu or (603) 646-3899.

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Expiration of Non-Medical Benefits:

As a Dartmouth Retiree you can elect to continue your dental plan and/or flexible spending account (FSA) through the Federal COBRA program if you are a participating member of those plans at the time of your retirement.  Crosby Benefits Systems is Dartmouth's contracted COBRA manager and will contact you shortly after you retire to invite you to continue these benefits through them.  Premiums are paid directly to Crosby Benefits to continue the elected benefits.   Please see the following links for additional information:

More Information on COBRA through Dartmouth
2019 COBRA rates

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Continuing Your Life Insurance:
Your life insurance as an active employee is a term life policy that ends on the last day of the month in which you retire.  MetLife will contact you by mail shortly after you have retired, to give you the opportunity to continue your life insurance through them. You may contact MetLife directly at: http://www.MetLife.com or by calling (800)-638-6420   

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Long Term Care Nursing Home Insurance:
To continue your Long Term Care policy through CNA upon leaving Dartmouth, please call (800) 528-4582 and select option 2 for billing. You will want to request to be billed directly after you are no longer receiving a salary from Dartmouth College

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Expiration of Email Accounts:
Your Dartmouth Email account will expire within 30 days from the date of your retirement.  Click here for additional details and help.  If you are granted an Emeritus designation your Email account will remain active. 

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The Defined Contribution (401a) account requires vesting to take ownership of the money in the account. Vesting is defined as 3 years of service to the college. If you are not vested, the money is forfeited by you and returned to Dartmouth. If you have completed at least 3 years of service or more, you have 3 options with the account. You may leave the account with the investment company until a later date, you may rollover the money into another qualified retirement account or you may take a cash distribution. (If you choose a cash distribution, taxes will be withheld and you may incur penalties.)



If you have contributed to a Supplemental Retirement Account (403b) as an active employee, any monies in the account belong to you and would be subject to the same 3 options mentioned above, including taxes and possible penalties. Whatever you choose to do with your account(s), the process must be initiated with the investment company where the account is housed.


Click here to schedule an individual appointment with TIAA or FIDELITY), or call them toll-free at:

Fidelity 1-800-343-0860
TIAA-CREF 1-800-842-2776

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Retired Employee Death Benefit:
Individuals who retired from Dartmouth on or before December 31, 2010 are entitled to a $5,000 Retired Employee Death Benefit from the College. Employees name a beneficiary for this benefit at retirement and can change that beneficiary at any time.

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Re-Employment Rules:
In the event you are reemployed into an active benefits-eligible position (and your break in benefits-eligible service was more than one year), you will be considered a "new employee" and will no longer be eligible for a subsidy from Dartmouth toward retiree health insurance. New employees will have access to retiree health insurance plans at the Dartmouth group rate once they satisfy the eligibility period, and will be responsible for the full premium cost. Breaks in benefits-eligible service of one year or less will not affect retiree health eligibility. 

* Important: Retirees reemployed in a temporary position may work full or part-time for less than 9 consecutive months.  If you work for 9 months or longer, the position would be reviewed for reclassification as a regular position. If reclassified as regular and working an average of 20 hours a week or more, you will be considered a "new employee" for benefits purposes and the Re-Employment rules noted above will apply. 

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Address Changes:
Please contact the Benefits Office if you have had a change in address.  For new retirees this will ensure that your final W2 is sent to the correct place; for retirees it will ensure your annual enrollment information is sent to the correct address.  Please click here to submit a change in address

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Getting Your Retiree ID:
Retiree ID photos are taken at the Campus Billing and DartCard Services at 103 McNutt Hall.  You will need to provide a temporary Retiree ID card, which will be provided to you during your retirement meeting with the Benefits Office.  The Dartmouth Card Office will take your photo and give you a new ID card that will replace your active employee ID card upon your retirement.    Campus Billing and DartCard Services is open Monday thru Friday 8:00 am-12:00 pm; 1:00 pm-4:30pm.   You can reach them by email at dartmouth.card@dartmouth.edu, or by phone at 603-646-3724.


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Parking Pass:
If you pay to park on campus, your parking pass will not be renewed upon the new fiscal year.   Please contact Parking & Transportation Services for any additional details 

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Please contact the Benefits Office at Human.Resources.Benefits@Dartmouth.edu or (603) 646-3744, if you would like to suggest an educational opportunity for our retiree population or if there's more information you would like to see listed. 


The Benefits Office:
7 Lebanon Street, Suite 203,
Hanover, New Hampshire 03755-2112
Phone: 603-646-3588
Email: Human.Resources.Benefits@Dartmouth.EDU
Fax: 603-646-1108
HB 6042

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