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Learning and Professional Development

Who we are

We are a team of facilitators and trainers committed to fostering an environment that encourages employees to seek out opportunities for learning, whether for career development or for personal fulfillment. We are dedicated to bringing innovative and timely workshops to Dartmouth staff and faculty.

What we do

Learning and Development provides Dartmouth employees with learning and professional development opportunities that expand the potential of our robust and dynamic workforce. In addition to providing a wide range of courses and workshops, we offer professional skills counseling and develop employee training programs. Learning and Development is also available to facilitate customized workshops and lead department retreats. 

Upcoming workshops

For upcoming professional development opportunities and Wellness sessions, please visit our Course Catalog. For STAR Academy for Administrative Professionals workshops, visit the STAR website. For Inspiring Leaders workshops, visit the Inspiring Leaders website (This program is for staff only). 

Please contact us at Learning.Development@dartmouth.edu with any questions.

Learning and Development Recommended Resources

To view resources recommended by Learning and Development to further your professional development, please visit our website.


Manager Training

DartSmart is a training program for managers of staff, focused on the skills required to effectively manage, retain, and build an engaged workforce. This interactive four-part series (three in-classroom and one online module) introduces policies, laws, operating procedures, and supervision and management strategies. Participants have an opportunity to explore issues that challenge and support an inclusive practice when leading Dartmouth's 21st century workforce. DartSmart is being offered through divisional coordinators and will be available to new managers to ensure that all Dartmouth employees that supervise others benefit from the training. Workshops run in spring and winter every year. To view upcoming sessions, please visit the DartSmart Manager Trainer website

Student Employer Training

DartSmart for Student Employers is a certificate training program designed to provide you with practical knowledge and skills required to effectively hire and manage student employees at Dartmouth College. The sessions introduce policies, laws, operating procedures, and responsibilities of our student supervisors. For more information on DartSmart for Student Employers, visit the DartSmart Student Employer website

Dartmouth LEADS  

Dartmouth LEADS is our leadership development program for high-potential/high-performance individuals who demonstrate a commitment to ongoing learning and professional growth. Applicants must be nominated by their supervisor or a divisional leader in consultation with the nominee’s supervisor to apply. The program runs every two years; information for the 2023-2024 cohort will be available in early 2023. For more information about LEADS, please visit the LEADS website

Inspiring Leaders

The Inspiring Leaders program delivers professional development to individuals interested in cultivating their potential in current and future positions by developing and refining their leadership skills and abilities. Inspiring Leaders is a self-paced certificate program designed for managers and individual contributors. Participants receive a certificate after attending 12 Core Courses and 6 Electives within two years. The time commitment is between 47 to 62 hours. Each workshop will be offered two times a year. Individuals are encouraged to participate in this program to create a professional portfolio and to enhance their potential mobility as a member of a diverse and dynamic workforce. 

STAR Academy

The objective of the STAR Academy is to provide Dartmouth's administrative professionals an opportunity to develop their technical and power skills. By completing ten Core Courses and four Electives in a 2-year period, an individual can enhance their effectiveness in their role and increase opportunities for mobility at Dartmouth. The program is self-paced. Each participant manages their enrollment and learning to meet the requirements of the Core Courses and Electives. Each course will be offered by HR twice a year. For more information on STAR Academy, visit the website

Tuition Benefits

For information on Tuition Benefits offered through Dartmouth, please visit http://dartgo.org/tap.

Contact Information

Please contact us by calling (603) 646-3411 or connect with us via e-mail at Learning.Development@dartmouth.edu.