Environmental Well-being

Environmental well-being is understanding how your social, natural and built environments affect your health and well-being and being aware of how your daily habits effect the physical environment we work and live in.

Lactation Rooms

There are 5 lactation rooms available across campus. Please reach out to the contacts listed on the map to be added to the schedule. If there are no lacation rooms close to you, please reach out to wellness@dartmouth.edu for further support. 


Office workstation ergonomics addresses the fit between the person, the task, and the environment to help prevent injury, optimize productivity, and promote safety and health.  Free ergonomic assessments are available to all Dartmouth employees. 

Natural Light & Plants

Studies have shown plants can help eliminate stress by calming the sympathetic nervous system and can have a positive effect on a person’s mood and energy levels. Adding plants to your office or home is a great way to brighten up your space and improve your mood.

If your workspace does not get any natural light, a light therapy lamp might be a good option for you, especially during the winter months. Search “light therapy lamp” on Amazon for some great options.

Healthy Department Toolkit

Use the healthy department toolkit for ways to help yourself and your department stay healthy. And, check out our latest newsletter; you could even use these to create a well-being bulletin board in your department (we update our newsletter every month)!

Go Green

Help protect our environment by going green! Try using less single-use plastic, using energy efficient light bulbs, turning off your computer at night, using reusable coffee cups and water bottles, printing less paper, signing up for direct deposit to go paperless with payroll, and buying produce from local farms.

Dartmouth Outdoor Programs

Dartmouth Outdoors has everything you need to enjoy the beautiful outdoor opportunities around Dartmouth and all over New Hampshire and Vermont! Equipment rentals are available for faculty and staff.

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