Pulse Program

Wellness at Dartmouth has partnered with a well-being organization affiliated with Richard Branson's Virgin Group to provide the Pulse at Dartmouth program. This is an engaging and motivating program that aims to continually maintain and improve the health of our community.

About the Program

The Pulse at Dartmouth program provides a comprehensive suite of personalized tools and support, including:

  • Fun, step-based team MOVE IT challenges multiple times per year.
  • More than 45 digital coaching Journeys on topics such as sleeping well, reducing stress, eating healthy, managing finances, heart health, being tobacco-free, and more.
  • Monthly healthy habit challenges on topics such as sustainability, mindfulness and nutrition.
  • Daily health tips tailored to your interests.
  • Activity, sleep and nutrition trackers, daily health tips, social connections, a personal health assessment, and more!


New features for 2022!

  • My Care Checklist dashboard to self-track preventive exams, tests, and vaccinations. 
  • Spotlight mindfulness challenges with personalized goals. 
  • Journeys, daily cards, and healthy habit challenges to embrace diversity, equity and inclusion. 


Watch this video to learn more about the Pulse program!

Many successes including weight loss, increased energy, reducing hemoglobin A1c levels, and eliminating blood pressure medications have been reported by Pulse participants.  Please note that the Pulse program is offered as a benefit of employment and not as part of the group health plan. 


  • Earn up to $400 per calendar year ($100 per calendar quarter; up to $800/family/year if spouse is enrolled on your health plan through Dartmouth College). Please note: rewards are considered taxable income and applicable taxes will be withheld from payroll.
  • Receive one free MAX™ Activity and Sleep Tracker device, or a one-time credit of $24.99 towards the purchase of another device in the Pulse store, that will synchronize your activity with the Pulse program (all credits applied after checkout)

How to Join

You must elect the Pulse program as your Wellness Benefit option in FlexOnline to participate in this program. 

Additional Information

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