Fitness Reimbursement Benefit (Retirees)

This is a reimbursement of up to $225 per calendar year for expenses limited to fitness facility and/or exercise class fees (includes classes via apps, online/streaming, and DVDs) that is available to retirees enrolled on a Dartmouth medical plan.


Retirees enrolled on a Dartmouth-sponsored medical plan have the Fitness Reimbursement benefit as their wellness benefit. A spouse who is enrolled on the retiree's Dartmouth-sponsored medical plan can also share this benefit (a total of $225 between retiree and eligible spouse).

Please note: employees who retire mid-year will continue with their current wellness benefit election through the end of the calendar year; the Fitness Reimbursement Benefit will be the only available wellness benefit option available during Open Enrollment for the following calendar. 

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Eligible Expenses

Eligible expenses include:

  • Fitness Facility Fees - full-service brick and mortar facilities with cardiovascular and strength training equipment
  • Exercise Class Fees -- brick and mortar in-person, online/app* and DVD exercise classes that are led by an instructor
  • Swimming and Tennis-only Facilities


*Examples include: Peloton app/subscription (equipment is not eligible), Beachbody On Demand, Daily Burn, obé.

Ineligible expenses include:

  • Home Exercise Equipment
  • Personal Training Sessions
  • Sports Lessons (e.g. golf lesson)
  • Sports Equipment (e.g. skis, skates)
  • Sneakers or Clothing
  • Activity Tracking Devices (e.g. Fitbit)
  • Workshops (e.g. Weight Watchers)
  • Race Fees
  • Ski Passes
  • Sport Leagues/drop-in open gym (e.g. hockey league, basketball open gym, climbing gym, rowing)
  • Massage, Acupuncture, Hypnosis


Reimbursement Process

The Fitness Reimbursement Benefit Form and applicable receipts may be submitted to Cigna (address is on page 2 of form) immediately after an eligible purchase has been made (please only submit a max of two times per year).


All submissions must be postmarked by December 31.  

Retirees (and eligible spouse) will receive a reimbursement check from Cigna mailed via USPS mail. Please allow up to 10 weeks to receive your reimbursement check.


If you have questions regarding eligibility, the reimbursement process, or the status of your reimbursement, contact the Wellness at Dartmouth office at or 603.646.3706. 

Tax Information

Retirees should consult their personal tax advisor regarding the proper reporting of this income as it is considered taxable income.

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