Omada Program

We are excited to announce that Dartmouth College is now offering Omada®, a digital lifestyle change program that can help you lose weight, feel fantastic, and develop long-term healthy habits.

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If you or your adult family members (18+) are at risk for type 2 diabetes or heart disease, and are enrolled in a Dartmouth College medical plan, you may be eligible for this program. Plus, the College will cover the entire cost of the program — a $650 value.

Take a 1-minute health questionnaire to see if you're eligible at

Participants in Omada will receive:

  • An interactive program to guide your journey
  • A wireless smart scale to monitor your progress
  • Weekly online lessons to empower you
  • A professional Omada health coach to keep you on track
  • A small online group of participants to keep you engaged

Check out the quotes below to see what surprised participants about the program:

1. You'll learn the why, not just the what.
"Omada transforms your unhealthy habits through education and guidance so that you can make better choices for the rest of your life." — Adam, 23

 2. No calories to count.

"Omada considers the whole of a person's life, not just simply calories in / calories out. Hallelujah! Food tracking focuses on what I eat and portion sizes, with an emphasis on seeking out whole foods." — Lana, 55

 3. Omada fits into your life easily.

"I love that this program is online. You can get to know people but at the same time keep your privacy. You can check in from anywhere. This program is the perfect mix." — Donna, 56



Watch a short video to learn more or read the full FAQ on the Omada Program.

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