Lifestyle Spending Account

This is one of the Wellness Benefit options that active benefits eligible employees may elect in FlexOnline as a new hire, or during the Open Enrollment period.  

The Lifestyle Spending Account will replace the Fitness Reimbursment Benefit for active employees in 2024 (retirees will remain on the Fitness Reimbursement Benefit). 

About the Benefit

A Lifestyle Spending Account, or LSA, is a flexible benefit in which Dartmouth provides a reimbursement of up to $250 each year for a range of well-being expenses--such as gym memberships, home fitness equipment, CSAs (farm shares), hobby classes, nutrition programs, and more--so that you can invest in what matters most to you. 

Eligible Expenses

You can use your LSA to be reimbursed for a wide variety of expenses that support your well-being including: 

  • Emotional Well-being Apps (i.e., Calm)
  • Meditation/Mindfulness Classes
  • Energy & Alternative Therapy (i.e., Reiki, hypnosis; excludes acupunture as this is a medical benefit)
  • Massage Therapy (without a prescription; excludes facials and other spa services)
  • Fitness Center, Club, Gym, or Studio membership (includes swim, tennis, yoga facilities)
  • Exercise classes
  • Personal Training
  • Apps (i.e., Peloton, Beachbody on Demand)
  • Home exercise equipment (i.e., dumbbells, treadmill)
  • Fitness Trackers (i.e., Fitbit, Garmin, Apple Watch; excludes extra bands/straps & chargers)
  • Sports Leagues/Clubs (i.e., rowing, soccer, hockey, climbing, hiking, pickleball)
  • Sports Lessons (i.e., swim, golf, tennis, dance, horseback riding)
  • Race Registration Fees (i.e., 5K, marathon)
  • Ski Passes
  • Golf Greens fees (excludes cart or club rentals)
  • Community Supported Agriculture (CSA/Farm share)
  • Nutritional programs and apps – (i.e., Noom, WW; without prescription; excludes food purchases and nutritional/vitamin products)
  • CPR, AED, First Aid Certifications
  • Tobacco Cessation workshops
  • Health/Life Coaching
  • Outdoor Sporting-related Equipment (i.e., bike, skis, golf clubs, kayak, fishing pole, fitness sneakers, hiking boots)
  • Hobby Classes (i.e., cooking, photography, pottery, gardening, music)
  • National Park/State Park Entrance Fees


If an expense is not listed above, it is not an eligible expense. 

  • Only expenses for employees, or a covered spouse, who elect the Lifestyle Spending Account as their Wellness Benefit are eligible.
  • Medical expenses that are eligible for medical insurance and/or FSA/HSA are not eligible for this benefit.
  • Weapons are not eligible expenses. 
  • There was a typo in the printed version of the Open Enrollment Guide, budget-tracking software is not an eligible expense. 

Reimbursement Process

Beginning in January 2024, you will be able to submit your eligible expenses to Sentinel, our Flexible Spending Account administrator. Submissions are made either online or via the Sentinel App.  

Access instructions on how to submit eligible expenses. 

Once approved, Sentinel will issue you a direct deposit or check reimbursement, up to a total of $250 annually. Reimbursements are issued the Friday following the request's approval. 

Tax Information

As a reminder, any reimbursements received by you, or your eligible spouse, are considered imputed taxable income and applicable taxes will be withheld from your paycheck.


If you have questions about your submission or reimbursement status, please reach out directly to Sentinel. You may speak with a member of the Sentinel Service Center Team, at 888-762-6088, Monday through Friday between 8:00 AM and 7:00 PM (EST).  You can also chat with a representative during those same hours by clicking on the “Chat now” option at the bottom right-hand corner of your online account.

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