Wellness Benefit Options

All active employees who regularly work 20 hours per week, at least nine months each year (sometimes referred to as "benefits eligible"), can elect a free Wellness Benefit option each year, even if you waive medical coverage. These wellness benefits are offered as a benefit of employment and not as part of the group health plan.

New employees have 30 days to elect a Wellness Benefit; if a Wellness Benefit is not elected, you will be defaulted to the Pulse Program (see enrollment process below).

The only time to change your Wellness Benefit election is during Open Enrollment. 

Wellness Benefit options for 2024 are shown below.


2024 Wellness Benefit Options

Option 1: Pulse Program provides cash rewards of up to $400 per employee (eligible spouses can also earn up to $400) for participating in a variety of healthy activities including fitness, mindfulness, sleep, and nutrition activities, challenges, and more!

Option 2: Lifestyle Spending Account (LSA) - The Lifestyle Spending Account is a new benefit for 2024 (replacing the Fitness Reimbursment Benefit).  The LSA is a flexible benefit that provides a reimbursement up to $250 each year for a range of well-being expenses, such as gym memberships, fitness equipment, CSAs (farm shares), hobby classes, mindfulness apps, and more, so that you can invest in what matters most to you. 

Option 3: Dartmouth Fitness Membership at Alumni Gym provides a free Dartmouth Fitness membership to all of the Alumni Gym facilities including Zimmerman Fitness Center (annual value of $450; after 7/1, value is $225). 

Wellness Benefit Comparison Chart for 2024

2024 wellness benefit chart


All new benefit eligible employees must elect one of the wellness benefits when they enroll in benefits in FlexOnline. If you do not make an election, you will be defaulted to the Pulse Program. 

Your only opportunity to change your wellness benefit election is during the annual Open Enrollment period. Any elections made during Open Enrollment will be effective January 1.

Tax Information

All Pulse rewards or LSA reimbursements that you and/or your spouse receive, or the value of the Alumni Gym membership that you receive are considered imputed taxable income and applicable taxes will be withheld from your paycheck. 

Wellness Benefit Options for Retirees

Retirees, enrolled on a Dartmouth-sponsored medical plan, only have access to the $225 Fitness Reimbursement Benefit. Retirees must submit the benefit form and receipt(s) directly to Cigna and the reimbursement, up to $225, will be provided via a check mailed to the retiree's home address. Access additional details, including the Benefit Form. 

Please note: employees who retire mid-year will continue with their current wellness benefit election through the end of the calendar year; the Fitness Reimbursement Benefit will be the only available wellness benefit option available during Open Enrollment for the following calendar. 


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