Flourishing at Dartmouth: A Week for Renewal & Growth

Flourishing at Dartmouth: A Week of Renewal & Growth

Although this well-being week has wrapped up, many of the resources are still available! 

Flourishing is the experience of living life with high levels of wellbeing; to be filled with pleasant emotion and to be functioning well psychologically and socially. Living through the additional stressors of a pandemic presents plenty of challenges to our ability to flourish, which is why this week we celebrate the opportunity for new beginnings!
As spring calls forth new growth all around, this calendar offers the chance for renewal by providing activities that help you be intentional, find your flow, experience moments of mindfulness, move your body, connect with others, and find opportunities to live life to the fullest and feel your best.

Click on the calendar below to access all the great offerings! 

flourishing at dartmouth ongoing calendar

To view the Calendar of Events for Students, click here.

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