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The Application Process

HPP Workshops & Admissions Visits

Please click on the above link to view recorded HPP workshops/presentations, which will contain vital information on the multiple steps involved in the application including letters of evaluation, MCAT, AMCAS, finances, and some data on acceptance rates for Dartmouth applicants. You'll also be able to find recording of various medical school admissions visits.

PLEASE NOTE: If you plan on applying to the upcoming 2022-2023 application cycle (to matriculate in Fall 2023), then please subscribe to the HPP 2022-2023 Med. App. Listserv. Those who sign-up will receive newsletters explaining key information and instructions about each stage of the application cycle and what steps YOU should be taking throughout the process.  Please let us know if you have any questions!

Because most Dartmouth pre-health students plan to apply to medical school, much of the information in this section is about the medical school application process.

Dental and Veterinary applicants follow a similar timeline but will utilize different application services and standardized tests. Please see the Applying to Dental School and Applying to Veterinary School for more information. We are also happy to support students wishing to apply to graduate school in another health profession. 

Along with the information throughout this website, please work directly with HPP's pre-health advisors for personalized pre-health advising, available to both Dartmouth undergrads and alumni. This is a complex and rewarding journey, and we are here to assist you with each step along the way.

Understand the Entire Application Process

Read through the pages on this website to: