Primary Application

What is the Primary Application?

Most health professions schools utilize a central primary application (similar to the common application), which allows basic information to be collected in one location, and then sent to all of the schools you designate on the primary application.

HPP has compiled a FAQs and Instructions Guide to aid you during the process of filling out your application. Please be sure to have this open at all times while working on your application, it'll help clarify the majority of questions you might have and save you time. It will be essential to have these by your side, especially for crucial Dartmouth-specific info in the courses and letter sections.

AAMC Advisor Reports made temporarily available to applicants:

AAMC Table of Admissions Policies, specifically with Covid-19 edits:

Video Tutorials: the Primary Application

Overview of AMCAS

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Coursework and Study Abroad 

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Activities and Essays

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Letters of Evaluation

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Institutional Action

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Application Services for Different Medical Paths


  • Allopathic (MD and MD/Ph.D.) programs: American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS)
  • Osteopathic (DO) programs: American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine Application Service (AACOMAS)
  • MD, DO Programs in Texas: Texas Medical and Dental Schools Application Service (TMDSAS)
  • MD Programs in Ontario Canada: Ontario Medical Schools Application Service (OMSAS)

Application Fees:

  • AMCAS charges an application processing fee of $170 for one medical school designation and $40 for each designation thereafter
  • TMDSAS (Texas Medical Schools) charges a flat fee of $185 regardless of the number of schools you apply to
  • AACOMAS (DO) starts at $196 and $46 per each designation after that
  • Also, most schools charge fees for their secondary applications which can range from $75.00 $150.00. (One must also consider travel and interview expenses)