Welcome to HPP!

The Health Professions Program (HPP) is Dartmouth's academic advising program to assist and support undergraduates and alumni interested in pursuing careers in medicine or other health professions

new office location!

We have big news! HPP is moving to a new office location! As of Wednesday, March 6, our new office will be located at 37 Dewey Field Rd. We’re also very excited for you that our neighbors will be with the Dana Biomedical Library, a BEAUTIFUL space to study, before or after you meet with us! 

Where is 37 Dewey Field Rd Located? It’s the building at the end of Maynard Lot if you’re coming from the direction of Novak! It’s between Dick’s House and McLoughlin Dorms!


We can’t wait to see you in our new space! Come find us and explore the Biomedical library at the same time! Please note, the new office space is a work in-progress - our final decor, furniture, and signage will arrive later in the spring. 

Meet with a Pre-Health Advisor

HPP provides 30 minute advising appointments, as well as 15-minute walk-in appointments (see walk-in hours schedule below) to current Dartmouth undergraduate students and alumni.

Appointment can be either in-person or virtual (Zoom or phone). Use Calendly to schedule an appointment with Sarah Berger or Nicole Roeper, our Pre-Health Advising Assistant Deans. If you are unable to find a time that works for you, please contact Health.Professions.Program@dartmouth.edu

Please contact our Program Coordinator, Rae Stokes, at 603-646-3377 or by email if you are currently applying or plan to apply to medical, dental, or veterinarian school and have questions about the application process or letter logisitics.

Weekly Walk-In Hours

Sarah Berger's walk-in hours are every Monday and Thursday from 2:00 - 4:30 PM EST. You can schedule a 15-minute walk-in appointment by using Sarah's Calendly link

Nicole Roeper's walk-in hours are every Tuesday and Wednesday from 2:00 - 4:30 PM EST. You can schedule a 15-minute walk-in appointment by using Nicole's Calendly link.

Note that walk-in timeslots will be made available to sign-up for at 8:00 AM EST the day of. 


Join the 2024-2025 Med/Vet/Dental School Application LISTSERV (if you plan to apply in Summer 2024 and matriculate in Summer 2025).