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Other Health Professions

The majority of information on our website relates to the process of preparing for and applying to medical school to receive a MD degree, because it reflects the interests of most Pre-Health Dartmouth students and alumni. Of course, there are several other paths to entering a health profession where one can work with patients, conduct research, or teach the next generation of health care workers.

How HPP will help

If you are interested in a non-MD health career, HPP is here to assist you! We are happy to work with any aspiring nurses, mid-wives, dentists, physical therapists, etc.

Getting Started

To the left are links to sources of information about a variety of health professions. It isn't a comprehensive list, but instead is designed to give students a place to start exploring their options.

The below health professions require similar prerequisite coursework as medical school, with Vet requiring a few extra courses. They do have slightly different extracurricular differences.

To any of the MDs-to-be who found this page: you'll probably work throughout your career with professionals from a range of backgrounds. It doesn't hurt for you to read up on them either.