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Other Health Professions

Most of the materials on the Health Professions Program webpage deal with the process of preparing and applying for the MD degree because it merely reflects the interests of Dartmouth students and alumni. Of course, many other ways to enter the health professions exist. There are, in other words, plenty of paths through which you can end up working with patients, conducting research, addressing population-level concerns, or teaching the next generation of healthcare workers.

How HPP will help

If you are interested in a health career, but not an MD, HPP is here for you, too. We are happy to work with those envisioning optometry careers, seeking to populate the public health field, laboring to become midwives, gnashing their teeth to become dentists...

Getting Started

To the left are links to sources of information about a variety of health careers. It isn't a comprehensive list, but instead is designed to give students a place to start exploring the variety of health professions and careers.

The Health Careers below require similar prerequisite coursework as medical school, with Vet requiring a few extra courses. They do have slightly different extracurricular differences.

To any of the MDs-to-be who found this page: you'll probably work throughout your career with professionals from a range of backgrounds. It doesn't hurt for you to read up on them, either.

Last Updated: 8/18/16