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The Nathan Smith Society (NSS) is a Dartmouth student organization that serves all students interested in the health professions.


Attention ’27s!! 


Pre-Health Course Update

See the updated Winter Term 2024 Pre-Health Course Guide under the NSS Database Drop Down Menu

Geisel-NSS Student Conversations  Program

The Geisel-NSS Student Conversations program will resume 24W. This program is where you can be matched to a Year One or Year Two Geisel  student for an initial conversation. Learn more here.

DHMC Shadowing Update

The NSS/DHMC Shadowing Program for 24W will begin with a required orientation meeting 1/8/2024. Learn more here.

Nathan Smith Society 27’s Welcome Video


Geisel-NSS Student Conversations

Stay tuned for an announcement of the 2023-2024 Geisel-NSS Student Conversations Program beginning in the fall term. See link in box above.

Clinical Conversations

Clinical Conversations, a weekly virtual shadowing series in which DHMC physicians from a variety of specialties will discuss real patient cases from their practices with pre-health students. Click HERE to learn more about the program. Come back later in the term for updates.

Medicine and Justice Scholars Series

A student-led initiative created to bring about awareness and have conversations about racism, gender, sexuality, and discrimination in healthcare and health education. Often, these are hard topics to discuss, but it’s important to learn about these realities in order to create a more equitable healthcare community.

Medicine and AI Scholars

Medicine and AI Scholars is a student-led, interdisciplinary initiative created to spread awareness about the inclusion of artificial intelligence and machine learning in medicine. This growing shift brings advantages and disadvantages, and it’s important to understand both sides to create a more effective healthcare field for the 21st century.

Click on ‘Learn More’ to review details of our Medicine and AI Scholars.

Clinical Shadowing Program for Dartmouth Undergraduates

Click on ‘Learn More’ to review details of our shadowing program.  Students are urged to complete their immunization requirement now (see form for details).

Other Pre-Health Resources


An NSS column that seeks to expose pre-health students to the intersection of medicine, ethics, and humanism. By looking to relevant opinion pieces in leading medical journals and crafting bite-sized summaries of recent debates in these spheres, it is our hope to spark interest and discussion to foster a deeper understanding of medicine.

Pre-Vet Society

The Dartmouth Pre-Veterinarian Society is a student sub-organization within the Nathan Smith Society focused on serving students interested in careers in veterinarian medicine.

Pre Dental Society

The Dartmouth Pre-Dental Society is a student sub-organization within the Nathan Smith Society focused on serving students interested in careers in dental medicine.

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