Combined Degrees

Every year, there are several applicants to medical or other health professions schools, who envision careers that require a second degree, like a PhD, MPH, JD, or MBA. Many US graduate schools offer dual degree programs to cover these needs.

MD/MPH (Master of Public Health)

MD/PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)

A financial note to prospective MD/PhD applicants: while MD/PhD programs often come with waivers of MD tuition and stipend support, be careful of including "free medical education" on your list of reasons for dual degree study. You really, really don't want to be a half-hearted MD/PhD student. MD/PhD programs are for people who want to create and apply new medical knowledge. If you "merely" want to apply medical knowledge as a physician, skip the PhD-as-financial-aid thinking, get the MD, and start your medical career, and it's associated earning power, a few years earlier.

MD/MBA (Master of Business Administration)