Geisel Early Assurance Program

The Geisel Early Assurance Program offers Dartmouth College juniors (at the beginning of their junior year) the possibility of admission to Geisel following graduation. Through a competitive and streamlined application, Geisel will identify up to five (5) students per year that demonstrate the potential of becoming outstanding physicians based on character, experiences, and academic skills. Students are not required to take the MCAT or to have completed all medical prerequisite courses (at the time of submission), but they must have completed a sufficient number of science courses upon which to base a comprehensive performance evaluation. Interested students should meet with a pre-health advisor.

Students applying via the Early Assurance Program must be students intending to complete all medical school prerequisite courses by graduation (not submission). Candidates are encouraged to complete their science courses at Dartmouth. This program is not designed for students who anticipate taking post-baccalaureate studies.

Please Note: If you apply, but are NOT accepted into the Early Assurance Program, Geisel still welcomes you to apply during a regular, medical school application cycle. 

Application Availability


Application Deadline

Early October


Not Required


Same as Secondary Application fee which is currently $130. If you would like to request a fee waiver, please contact


Two to five letters of recommendation are required, and two of these are expected to come from Dartmouth Science faculty members.

Invitations to Interview

Issued at end of Fall term

Interview Dates

Interviews will take place from early December through the first two weeks of January on regularly scheduled interview days.


Announced by end of Winter term. Accepted candidates have two weeks to respond to Geisel Admission office with a decision.

AMCAS Application

Accepted students must submit an AMCAS application in their senior year and send in essays, recommendations, transcripts, etc. as requested by AMCAS. Students may reuse essays and other material from their Early Assurance Application. Students will have to pay the AMCAS application fee, but not the Geisel Secondary Application fee.


Students are allowed to request deferment of enrollment for one year in order to pursue a "gap year" activity that will enhance their experience and relate to their future medical studies. Requests for deferment must be received no later than May 1.


Accepting the invitation to join the Early Assurance Program is binding. If you ultimately decide you wish to apply to other medical schools, you need to withdraw from the Early Assurance Program.