Applying to Dental School

Information About the Application


  • May 12, 2020: 2020-2021 ADEA AADSAS application opens
  • June 2, 2020: The first day to submit your 2020-2021 ADEA AADSAS application

Cost to Apply 

The ADEA AADSAS application fee for your first dental school is $251. Each additional school you apply to is $108. See more information here.

Click here for the ADEA AADSAS Application to dental school.

ADEA AADSAS Fee Assistance Program

There are several resources available to help you navigate the various aspects of the dental school application, some of which we've compiled below:

ADEA AADSAS Applicant Help Center
Dental School Applicant Quick Guide
Tips for the ADEA AADSAS Application
10 Tips to Apply
Deciding Where to Apply
List of US Dental Schools
Letters of Evaluation
Personal Statement 


Dental Admissions Test (DAT) 

Sign-Up for the DAT

1. Submit an application to take the DAT on the ADA website
2. You will be asked to create a DENTPIN, your Dental Personal Identifier Number before you can complete the application to register for the DAT. This number will be used throughout the dental school application process and for any other testing conducted by the ADA.
3. Receive eligibility letter from the ADA.
4. Once you have received the eligibility letter, you can schedule an appointment to take the test with Prometric testing. If you reschedule your test, you must reschedule within 6 months of when you applied to take the DAT or pay the full scheduling price again. You should schedule the test 60-90 days in advance of the day you would like to test. Check out the list of test centers here.
5. If you require special testing accommodations, visit the Special Accommodations section of the Prometric website.


  • You should take the test after having completed your prerequisites in Biology, General Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry.
  • It's recommended that you take the DAT up to one month before you apply to dental school
  • It is recommended that you achieve at least a 20 Academic Average to be competitive. Multiple DAT sittings are highly discouraged.

Scheduling to Take the DAT


2019 DAT Guide
ADEA Information About the DAT


DAT Preparation

Content of Test:

  • Natural Sciences (Biology, General Chemistry, & Organic Chemistry)
  • Perceptual Ability (two- and three-dimensional problem solving)
  • Reading Comprehension (Dental & Basic Sciences)
  • Quantitative Reasoning (Mathematical Problems in Algebra, Numerical Calculations, Conversions, etc.)


Study/Prep Materials

ADA Practice Tests: Individual Modules: $20; Full Practice Test - $100
ADA FREE Sample Test Items
ADA List of Reference Texts
ASDA Comprehensive List of DAT Resources
ASDA Tailoring Your DAT Study Schedule
Kaplan Free Practice Questions
Kaplan Self-Study Practice Packs: $99 – 249
Kaplan Self-Paced Courses: $1299 - $1699
Kaplan Live Online Courses: $1499 - $1899
Kaplan Online Tutoring: $2699 - $5899
The Princeton Review: Offers a variety of courses and tutoring options
Crack the DAT (2020-2021 Edition): $349 on Amazon
DAT Bootcamp
Study Stack: Free Online DAT Flashcards
Crash Course Biology YouTube Channel
Khan Academy Biology YouTube Playlist
Khan Academy Organic Chemistry YouTube Playlist

Other Resources

ASDA: Preparing for the DAT
Crush the DAT Study Schedule
ADEA: Plan Your DAT Study Schedule
Kaplan: How to Study for the DAT in a Month


PLEASE NOTE: It cost $460 (price subject to change) each time the test is taken

State & Federal Loan Forgiveness Programs
Educational Debt Management Materials
Scholarship, Awards, & Fellowships
AAMC/ADEA Dental Loan Organizer & Calculator
ASDA List of Scholarships
ASDA List of Repayment Programs

For more information about the Dental profession itself, please click HERE