Application Podcasts

Below are the recorded podcasts from recent Application Workshops:

Overview of the Application Process + Letters of Evaluation

In this podcast you will find important information on the multiple steps involved in the application including letters of evaluation, MCAT, AMCAS, finances, and some facts on acceptance and matriculation of Dartmouth students. How successful are Dartmouth students? What makes someone a strong applicant? What are the FOUR parts of a complete application?

We especially focus on the critical steps YOU must take during the letter process and the importance of working with HPP to have a fully completed letter package for AMCAS. More information can be found under Evaluation Letters.

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Writing for the Application

In order to access this Zoom recording, you may need to "Register" to view it (only asks for name and email). The writing you do in your PRIMARY APPLICATION ESSAY, ACTIVITIES SECTION, and the writing in your SECONDARY APPLICATION ESSAYS, is essential to the application process. What will be asked of you? What do Medical (or Dental/Vet etc.) schools want to know? What makes for excellent writing here?

How to Fill Out the AMCAS Application as a Dartmouth Student

In order to access this Zoom recording, you may need to "Register" to view it (only asks for name and email). There are Dartmouth specific way that you fill out the AMCAS application. Please watch this and also read the Dartmouth FAQs if you have questions about the application. There's a good chance the answer to your question is in there. We created this document based on the many questions that have arisen in the past few years, so again, good chance the answer is in there. But if not, please do not hesitate to email or call us at or 603-646-3377.

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Financing Medical School: A conversation with Dino Koff

Most people thinking about Medical/Dental/Vet school, wonder how in the world they will pay for their program. Whether you are planning an imminent application this year, or it's a few years off—here is a special opportunity to hear directly from Dino Koff, Director of Financial Aid of Geisel Medical School! He shares some of the realities of costs, he will also share the practicalities of how students and future practitioners are able to pay off those costs in reasonable ways.