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Composite and Supporting Letters Timeline

Letters are written on your behalf, so remain cognizant that it is a privilege that folks are writing to support you in this process-- act accordingly, i.e. with clear communication; gratitude; and respect. The Health Professions Program is here to assist you in the process at every step. There are several parts that you are responsible for, in order for us to assist you. Please read through this entire page so you will be prepared for the steps ahead.

Don't know what a Composite Letter is? Read through the Composite Letter page to learn more.


Ideally, a draft of your composite letter would be completed before or by July 1st. We ask that the absolute deadline be August 1st, but earlier is better for you, especially if you were able to submit your part of the application early.

While the letter deadlines are in place to benefit you, we will still work with you to have your composite letter packet completed even if you or your letter writers have a later timeline! But we HIGHLY ENCOURAGE YOU TO FOLLOW THIS TIMELINE! Please speak to an HPP advisor if you have concerns about the timeline.

**For more detailed information about YOUR tasks throughout this timeline, please read the YOUR TASK CHECKLIST page!**

Late Fall Early Winter. Choose letter writers. submit timeline agreement and worksheet. open an interfoilio accountFeb 1 to April. Submit letter request forms. Send supporting writers resume and autosketchapril 1 to april 15. ideal timeframe for supporting letters to be uploaded to interfolioapril 1 to may 30. submit release to composite form. upload resume, autosketch, transcript to interfoliojune 15 to july 1. ideal timeframe for composite writers to send letters to HPPJune 15 to August 1. Composite letter is processed by HPP. TAkese 3-4 weeks from submission datejuly 15 to september 1. composite letter packet is finalized. you must uplaod to AMCAS

Last Updated: 12/5/18