Prerequisite Courses

Since most Dartmouth pre-health students apply to medical school, provided below is a detailed outline of courses that will satisfy admissions requirements for nearly all medical schools, and at the same time prepare students to excel on the MCAT. These pre-requisites are the same for Osteopathic medical schools and Dental schools. *Veterinary schools have two additional biology courses (see Biology section). (For prerequisites for other graduate programs in health professions, please see those pages, and feel free to reach out to your pre-health advisors.)

In general, medical schools and MCAT preparation require the following courses or equivalent (in Dartmouth terms). Below you will find the list of the most common pre-health courses taken by students:

  • English/Writing: 2 terms
  • Mathematics: 2 terms (1 term Calculus and 1 term Statistics)
  • Biology= 2 terms w/labs (although 3 is recommended for the MCAT preparation)
  • General Chemistry= 2 terms w/labs
  • Organic Chemistry= 2 terms w/labs
  • Biochemistry= 1 term w/ OR w/out a lab
  • Physics= 2 terms w/labs
  • Additional Courses for MCAT preparation= 1 term of psychology and 1 term sociology

Pre-Health Prerequisite Courses at Dartmouth

Timetable of Pre-Health Course Offerings and D-Plan Worksheet