How to Find Research and Funding

At Dartmouth, there are many resources for research/scholarly experience. In most cases it will involve you reaching out directly to a potential PI (Primary Investigator), to inquire if they need a research assistant. If you need some feedback on how to reach out, you can talk to a Peer Mentor or meet with an HPP Advisor.


Undergraduate Advising and Research (UGAR)

Check out the UGAR site or visit them in person. They have a wonderful website with a wealth of information about finding Dartmouth research opportunities (as well as off-campus research), many of them with funding available. UGAR has a research directory you can access with your login info.

Funding: If you are looking for research funding at Dartmouth while you are "ON," UGAR oversees scholarship and fellowship funding to work with a Dartmouth faculty member.

If you are "OFF," but want to continue working with a Dartmouth faculty member or lab (aka "Hanover FSP"), there are leave terms grants for full-time research assistant positions. You can receive up to $4,800 for the OFF term.

Additional funding sources may come from other programs and centers that provide funding for undergraduate research on and off-campus.

For NON-Dartmouth research or internships, you may be eligible for external scholarship programs and grants.

HPP Opportunity Directory

Summer and Off-Term Research Opportunities

The Center for Professional Development (CPD)

Connect with the CPD and check out DartBoard for off-term research or scholarly opportunities.

Funding: the CPD and the Dartmouth Center for the Advancement of Learning (DCAL) have partnered to offer The Student Experiential Learning Fund (SELF), which supports the development of students' confidence, skills, and abilities through internships, research, shadowing, social sector and direct service experiences, conference travel and scholarly presentations, specialized professional/leadership training, and team projects. 

Department Faculty

Each member of Dartmouth College's faculty—and affiliated institutions like the Geisel School of Medicine—has a website that mentions their area of interest and research. You can reach out directly to inquire if they need a research assistant. In some cases, it may be a professor you already know; in other cases, it may mean you are sending inquiries out by email to folks you have yet to meet. Students often take these same skills and reach out to PI's at their local universities as well.

Geisel School of Medicine and DHMC

Sometimes you can learn about clinical trials happening at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center by viewing their clinical trials website. Geisel professors—many of them physicians at DHMC—may also have positions for undergraduate students in their research labs. It is important to engage in a clinical trial or medical school research lab that you are genuinely interested in and not doing one to "check off" a research opportunity. Students often reach out to PI's at their local hospitals as well.

Alumni Career Network

Dartmouth Alumni are very valuable resources to all Dartmouth students. With the Dartmouth Career Network, alumni can be found working in all different parts of the world and varying fields. Many are health professionals who may be looking to take on a research assistant(s) in their field of study or specialty.

Use your friend and family network at home!