HPP Opportunity Directory

Among the many ways to create or find summer opportunities, there are several specific ones around the country, many for scholarly opportunities in lab research, global health/public health research, etc. There are also non-research opportunities!

For these types of opportunities, HPP has developed a resource directory of many of them. These opportunities have specific applications, deadlines, and start and finish dates.

While it's important to engage in scholarly inquiry and gain real-life exposure in clinical and non-clinical settings, health professions schools look for evidence that an applicant is not just "checking" off a list of requirements, but is truly engaged in their experiences with a sincere interest. So as you look through the links for opportunities below, take a venture into an experience that genuinely interests you.

***Please note that this is a continually evolving document and it is not necessarily comprehensive.***

HPP Opportunity Database

Due to privacy issues in using Google Sheets, the document is "View Only" and only HPP editors have access to edit the document. However, you can still "Sort" the data to organize information as you would like.

Google Sheets, you can still use filter views:

  • To apply existing filter views, click "Data" and then "Filter" views.
  • You can create a temporary filter view that only you can use. Because you don't have "edit" access to the spreadsheet, the filter view won't be saved.
  • Like the downloadable excel sheet, we will indicate new entries by HIGHLIGHTING them.

Organization of the HPP Opportunity Directory

***Please note that this is a continually evolving document and it is not necessarily comprehensive.***

There are EIGHT Different Tabs (Located on the Bottom of Sheet):

  1. Research Opportunities

  2. Clinical-Medical Opportunities

  3. Global/Public Health Opportunities

  4. For Students Underrepresented in Medicine/Minority

  5. Freshmen-Eligible Opportunities

  6. Health Administration and/or Consulting Opportunities

  7. Other Health-Related Opportunities

  8. Gap-Year (1-2 year commitments) Opportunities

Each section divides the opportunity information by Program Name, Program Dates, Description, Eligibility, Compensation/More Info, Website Link, and Application Deadline. For more information about a specific opportunity, please refer to the program's website.

Furthermore, the deadlines for specific programs may vary year-to-year. Contact HPP if you have questions.