Studying Abroad and Off-Terms

Some students come in with the misconception that pre-health students cannot study abroad or take off-terms due to the many prerequisites and major courses needed to graduate and apply for med/dental/vet school. While this is true for a very small percentage of students, many Dartmouth pre-health students have taken a term to study abroad or a term off. It is important to speak to a pre-health advisor to come up with a D-Plan that works best for you and includes your pre-health requirements, major requirements, and intended time to apply to a health professions school. Pre-Health Peer Mentors are also available to help you map out your best course! Below are examples of how your upper-class peers have balanced and managed a term abroad or what they engaged in during their term off. It is important to note that these are only a few examples and there are MANY different ways to gain off-campus experience.

Studying Abroad

Off-Term Experiences