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Welcome to OSP

The Office of Sponsored Projects serves as a central resource to support the research enterprise at Dartmouth by providing guidance and stewardship for the research community and the College.


Looking for Funding Opportunities?

Create an account and search 1,000s of funding opportunities.  Narrow your search to your area of interest.  Check out our InfoEd SPIN service

Updated Projected Fringe Rates

Please reference new guidance on fringe rates and budgets

OSP Process for Leaves or Absences on Sponsored Awards

Recent announcements from sponsors have highlighted the need for transparency around a change in a principal investigator's or other named senior key personnel's status in relation to his or her role on a sponsored award, where that change will impact his/her ability to carry out the approved research at the location of, and on behalf of, the recipient institution.  Click here for new OSP guidance.

OSP Updates Guidance for Subawards

OSP has issued new guidance to assist in making a determination of a subaward versus purchased service.   The guidance is part of the Sponsored Research Manual in the preaward section.  

Grants Product Budget Brown Bags

Updated timeline for rollout of the new RAPPORT Grants Product is now mid-April of 2019.   We are looking for grant managers to test and welcome feedback.  Please contact Stephanie Morgan for details. OSP training sessions to be announced soon.  Stay tuned.   We welcome your input. 

NIH Guidance on Salary Limitation for Grants and Cooperative Agreements FY2018 (Released March 7, 2018)

Since 1990, Congress has legislatively mandated a limitation on direct salary for individuals under NIH grant and cooperative agreement awards (referred to here as a grant). The mandate appears in the annual appropriation act that provides authority for NIH to incur obligations for a given Fiscal Year (FY). At this time, NIH has not received a FY 2018 appropriation, and is operating under a Continuing Resolution, the "Continuing Appropriations Act, 2018" (Public Law No: 115-56), that applies the terms and conditions of the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2017.  Read more here.

NIH Prior Approval Policy

Changing the status of a PD/PI is here.  

NRSA Stipends

Stipend levels, tuition/fees, and other budgetary levels for fiscal year 2018 for Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award (NRSA) Stipends have been announced.  Read more here.

Limited Funding Opportunities

OSP invites you to review the updated listing of limited funding opportunities!  For a listing of almost 40 opportunities offered by NIH, CDC, DHHS, HRSA, and many foundations, click here.

Research Administrator Training

Interested in watching an OSP-hosted webinar on your own time?  Check out a variety of webinar information on the Canvas training site.  Modules buckets include Preparation of Grant Applications, Research Administrator's Toolkit, Compliance, Industry Sponsored (Grants and Research), Post-Award, and Financial Management.  These are accessible via your Dartmouth College login.  Access the training info here.

Whistleblower Protection for Dartmouth Employees 

Access information here.




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Last Updated: 2/1/19