About GrantGPS

What We Do

Since 2015, GrantGPS has helped catalyze scholarship for researchers of all ranks and disciplines at Dartmouth. With the aim of supporting faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and trainees during every aspect of their pursuit for funding and intellectual impact, we provide assistance with a host of associated tasks. We can help you:

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Identify internal and external funding opportunities
Learn to write competitive proposals and prospectuses
Secure expert external reviews and edits of your work
Navigate the complex landscape of research support
Connect you with potential collaborators on campus
Develop a map for your research and career trajectory

How We Do It

Our focus is on you: what do you need to thrive as a scholar at Dartmouth? To that end, we've organized our services to meet a wide variety of needs across more than 50 disciplines. We offer private consultations; grant-writing workshops; the development of opportunity lists and timelines; external reviews of grants in progress for which we provide honoraria and professional editing. All of this effort—whether it involves critiques from subject-matter experts, one-on-one editing, or workshops to teach you the art of grant-writing—is pursued with the intent of fulfilling Dartmouth's mission as an institution that fosters inclusion and "expects academic excellence and encourages independence of thought within a culture of collaboration."