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Contact GPS

For Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences:

Charlotte Bacon
Associate Director,GrantGPS
Dartmouth College
The Leslie Center for the Humanities
Haldeman Center, Room 368
(603) 646-9373 (office)
(917) 645-2530 (cell)

For Engineering, Life Sciences, and Medicine:

Lorraine Bosse
Program Coordinator, GrantGPS
Dartmouth College
The Leslie Center for the Humanities
Haldeman Center, Room 267
(603) 646-9502 (office)

About GrantGPS

Securing funds to engage in research is a critical component of academic life. Yet the process—where to find support and how to craft successful proposals—can be difficult and time-consuming. Funded by the Offices of the President and the Provost, and directed by Dean Madden, PhD, Vice Provost for Research, GrantGPS aims to help you navigate this experience. We can provide faculty of all rank, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate students with a wide range of services and information to support projects in all disciplines.

GrantGPS logoGrantGPS can work with you to:

  • Brainstorm and draft proposal ideas
  • Connect you to internal resources
  • Identify opportunities for funding
  • Create timelines for submission of applications
  • Coordinate the various components of multiple application processes
  • Facilitate access to and cover costs for external editing and review service

No matter the stage of your research, please feel free to contact GrantGPS for more information or to schedule a time to talk.

Additionally, GrantGPS is one of many offices on campus that can support your grant submission process. Click here for a list of other offices and grant support services provided at Dartmouth.

Last Updated: 6/19/18