Grants and contracts are awarded to the institution, Dartmouth College.  As such, the transfer process involves institutional approvals and it is important that the Principal Investigator work closely with their Department Chair, Department Manager, Dean's Office and OSP to discuss each award contemplated for transfer.   

Transferring Award Procedures

PI Transfer Guide

When a Principal Investigator requests to transfer their award(s), the following steps need to be taken:

  • Start early and communicate with your department, OSP and your sponsoring/awarding agency.  
  • The Principal Investigator may need to fill out a sponsor required form or send a letter (co-signed by one of the Post Award Team Leaders) to the sponsor requesting to transfer their award to another institution.
  • If the sponsor requires a form to be filled out, in most instances the Principal Investigator or Department Grant Manager needs to send the required information to their Sponsored Research Manager to fill out the Sponsor Transfer Form.
  • Typical information required on the form or the letter request is as follows:
    • Reason for the transfer
    • Effective date of the transfer
    • Name and address of the new institution
    • Contact name at the new institution
    • Remaining amount (direct costs and indirect costs) to be transferred
    • On the letter request, the Assistant Director, Post Award or Research Grant /Ed. Manager need to sign along with the Principal Investigator
    • On the form, the Sponsored Research Manager and Assistant Director, Post Award or Research Grant/Ed. Manager need to sign
  • Each grant transfer will involve time for closing out the award and assuring that all applicable expenses have been applied to the award.  A reconciliation process will occur and the department will sign off on the final figure.  Please reference the generic financial reporting and closeout procedures.
  • Start early and communicate often.

Capital Equipment Transfer Guidelines

In special circumstances, such as the transfer of a Principal Investigator to another institution in which the Principal Investigator wishes to also transfer capital equipment purchased on their sponsored project awards, arrangements can be made to transfer capital equipment with written prior approval by the Faculty/Staff Member requesting the transfer, Department Chair, Director, Office of Sponsored Project and appropriate Fiscal Officer. In some instances, we may need additional prior approval from the sponsor. Transferring capital equipment may also involve reimbursement to the College.

The Equipment Transfer Request Form needs to be completed each time capital equipment is being requested to be transferred to another institution.

Equipment Capitalization Policy

Reallocation of Charges and Cost Transfer Policy

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