Vehicle Guidelines

A summary of guidelines for the use of College owned or leased vehicles.


The operation of vehicles is indispensible in conducting College programs, business and providing necessary services. The College has assembled a fleet of owned vehicles to assist various areas around the campus community in the successful pursuit of mutual goals and objectives. This brochure is intended to assist the user in need of a motor vehicle on how to acquire such a vehicle and to detail the driver training prerequisites and protocols in order to access and/or operate a College-owned or leased vehicle.

Dartmouth College considers the safety and health of students, faculty and staff to be of prime importance. The following guidelines outlined in this brochure are intended to complement the College's overall Fleet Safety Program.

Availble Types of Vehicles

  • Automobiles
  • Vans (up to 12 passengers)

Automobiles, 12-person Vans, Mini-buses and Trailer Towing

Faculty and Employee (faculty or staff): All persons driving on College business must be named on the College Approved Drivers list maintained by Transportation Services (ext. 6-2340)

Student: Students requesting the use of College-owned or leased vehicles for College sponsored activities must first be authorized by the office granting approval. Secondly, they must be included on the Approved Drivers List maintained by Transportation Services (ext. 6-2340.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where do I go to access a motor vehicle?
A. Approved drivers can access the link to request a vehicle on the Enterprise-Vox Rental program webpage.

Q. What are the licensure requirements in order to operate a College-owned or leased vehicle?
A. No one in the College community (student, faculty, or staff) is authorized to operate any College vehicle unless you have a valid operator's license issued in the United States or Canada and are familiar with local driving rules and regulations.

Q. What are the driver training requirements before I can operate a College-owned or leased vehicle?
A. The College has implemented a driver-training program for students, faculty and staff.

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