Daily Parking FAQ

Why offer a Daily Parking Option?

For those who park just a few times on campus each pay period or occasionally need the convenience of having a vehicle close by, paying daily offers the ability to park in convenient core locations and may reduce employee parking costs versus paying for a full-time permit. 

Who is eligible to participate in daily parking?

Permanent faculty and staff are eligible to pay for daily parking as their sole campus parking option after ordering a Day Permit hangtag. As an added feature, day permit hangtag holders may also park in the Dewey Lot at no charge. This is a good option for someone full-time on campus that normally parks in Dewey, but would sometimes like the convenience of paying the $4 fee to park in a core green lot. 

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Where can I park with a Daily Parking Permit?

You can park in all campus parking lots, except the ECSC garage and Webster Avenue, at a daily rate of $4. There is no charge to park in the Dewey Lot with a day permit displayed. You should also know that this permit is not valid in reserved or marked ParkMobile spaces, which are for visitor use. 

Why do I need to display a permit if I pay daily?

Requiring the display of a hangtag permit in conjunction with a daily parking session:

  • Confirms to parking monitors that the vehicle parked in the employee lot is properly registered and enrolled with Transportation Services for daily parking. 
  • Prompts the parking monitor to check the system to confirm payment was made for the day. 

How do daily permit holders pay to park?

Daily permit holders pay using Transportation Services’ online parking portal each time they park on campus, the same portal employees have been using to purchase annual permits and update vehicle information. The parking portal is available at parking.dartmouth.edu, from a desktop computer or mobile device. Since there is no special app, we recommend bookmarking the web address for quick access. Additionally, there’s an option on the parking portal to pay for daily parking up to 30 days in advance, effective on the day you need to park, so you can preplan your parking needs.

Can the fee be deducted via payroll?

Yes! You can enjoy pre-tax savings associated with payroll deduction with daily parking sessions, which are logged by the system for each pay period. Using the parking portal, employees can check their history of purchases at any time. Credit card payment is available as well.

Can I try the Daily Parking Permit, but switch to a different pass if it doesn’t work out?

Yes, we realize this may not work for everyone, but we do encourage employees to try it out. You can contact Transportation Services to choose a different permit at any time.

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