High Performance Buildings

Dartmouth's initial efforts to construct high performance buildings focused on heat recovery, and then expanded to include integrated design, innovative systems, and intelligent systems which are not all applied to new building construction and major renovations.

High-Performance Building Features

The Irving Institute and Center for Engineering and Computer Sciences are two new-construction projects in which high-performance building standards are being integrated throughout the buildings. 

LEED Certification

These buildings have achieved LEED certification:

  • Platinum: Class of 1978 Life Sciences Building (2011)
  • Gold: McLaughlin Cluster Residence Halls (2006), Fahey-McLane Residence Hall (2006), Black Family Visual Arts Center (2012)
  • Silver: Kemeny-Haldeman (2006), Floren Varsity House (2007)

Current projects that are pursuing LEED certification include Anonymous Hall, the Center for Engineering and Computer Science, the Arthur L. Irving Institute for Energy and Society, and Dartmouth Hall Renovations.


In 2016, Dartmouth developed and published a High Performance Building Energy Policy for major capital building projects.

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