Grounds Services


arboristLandscaping work is largely seasonal, as is typical in northern New England. In Spring, Grounds employees clean up the winter debris and repair turf damaged by snow removal. This rapidly transitions into mowing, restoration of planting beds, and trimming of shrubs and trees, which takes them through Summer and into Fall. October and November are typically occupied with leaf removal and generally getting the landscape ready for winter. Winter is actually one of the busier times for the Grounds crew, as they remove snow and treat icy surfaces on miles of campus drives and sidewalks. They also open, close, and maintain Occom Pond for use by the College and local community.

The Grounds crew includes several specialists such as the Campus Arborist and Turf Manager. In addition to assisting with general maintenance of the campus landscape, the Turf Manager and his assistants are responsible for all of the athletic fields, both natural and synthetic.

Trash & Recycling

Our dedicated waste management crew picks up all of the trash and recycling on the campus. We currently have two compactor trucks for trash pickup, and dispose of trash at the Lebanon NH Solid Waste Management Facility. We also have several trucks dedicated to picking up recyclables around campus and consolidating them at central locations. The recycling is picked up by the Casella Waste Management who processes it for reuse.


set upEmployees in our labor crew perform a wide variety of tasks on campus including office moves, event setup and takedown, maintenance of drainage structures, etc. They also assist with snow removal in the winter.

Vehicle & Maintenance Repair

Our dedicated mechanic works on inspecting and repairing vehicles and equipment from a variety of College departments.

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