Landscape Maintenance

"From the Green to the river and the mountains beyond, Dartmouth grounds and transforms all who experience the institution."  This quote refers to the sense of place as one of five pillars of Dartmouth's strategic communications framework


Dartmouth's landscape is a unique and valued feature to all those who visit the campus. In the 2020 Planning for Possibilities: A Strategic Campus Framework, the following landscape design principles were developed to "provide guidance for future development while insuring that the spirit and integrity of the Dartmouth campus perseveres in new forms and open spaces."

  • Integrate the restorative qualities of nature with the everyday life of the campus.
  • Diversify the campus landscape from a single center at the Green to multiple connected centers.
  • Increase and diversify the tree canopy to be resilient in a changing climate and to alleviate the Urban Heat Island Effect.
  • Extend and improve connections to the major natural landscapes of College Park, the Cemetery, Occom Pond, the Golf Course and the Riverfront.
  • Introduce “pockets of nature” to infiltrate stormwater, create habitat, and provide moments of relaxation.
  • Improve the quality and use of residential landscapes.
  • Reduce the dominance of the automobile within the core campus.
  • Leverage infrastructural improvements as opportunities to improve the campus landscape.


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